Anodizing production line
Barrel Nickle and Gold plating line
Barrel Znic plating line
Matel & Plastic hang plating line(Copper & Nickle & Chrome Plating and electroless copper&Nickle.)
Auto rotary vertical plating line(Copper & Nickle & Chrome Plating and electroless copper&Nickle.)
Gate ultrasonic cleaning line
Back masking production line
Single-arm ultrasonic cleaning line
Gate + tunnel ultrasonic cleaning line
Freezing and efficient production line
Plastic pallets & basket washing line
Panel plating line
Pattern Plating Line
Vertical continuous plating line
Temujin Container formula the anode line
Electroless Deposit Nickle and Gold
Desmears + PTH Line
Exhaust gas treatment system
Mixed plating process control and promotion of open programming techniques
Dongguan factory
Shenzhen Company
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Factory location
Plant gates
Mailroom Lookout
Company advertising screen
Company Interior
4 Floor Reception
4 Floor Reception Reception
4 Floor Office
4 Floor conference room
4 Floor conference room
3 Floor shop
2 Floor preparation area
2 Floor Workshop
2 Floor Vaults corner
2 Floor Lathe Processing Zone
2 Floor Production Office
2 Floor CNC lathe processing zone
1 Floor Warehouse corner
1 Floor Warehouse
1 Floor Workshop
Company mahjong room
Company activity area
Dormitory air heater
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